High-Profile Cases

Over the years, Anita Gumm has represented a number of high-profile clients, including actors, physicians, recording artists, and professional athletes. Despite her well -known clientele, Anita Gumm is closed-mouth about the details of their cases and only comments to the media when warranted. In fact, despite California's very open records law, she does her best to keep her clients out of the public eye. The Internet, which has made news immediate and the media more competitive, has made her job even tougher.

Anita believes that the Internet is an amazing tool, but there are people out there who will exploit others or themselves using it. The Internet really doesn't change the face of family law. It's the way people are using it. Anita has been quoted in People Magazine, The Daily Journal, RumorFix, E! Online, and KABC-7 to name a few.

Anita's most recent case involves a mother in a high -profile guardianship case in which the child made false physical abuse allegation against the mother. See Publications and Media for further details.