Child Support Modifications

Westlake Village Child Support Modification Lawyers

Significant changes in circumstances warrant the modification of child support payments. Contact Gumm & Green, LLP, in Westlake Village, California, to speak with an attorney about your options. Call us for a free consultation: 818-707-4233 OR 1-855-707-4233.

When Can You Modify a Child Support Agreement?

One reason for modifying child support is due to a change of income, such as unemployment or a significant job promotion. As your children age or turn 18, you may be able to adjust support accordingly. The California courts recognize that circumstances change following a Divorce or Separation, and that what was an accurate amount of support may be too much or too little later on. The Westlake Village child support modification lawyers at Gumm & Green, LLP, will help you modify your agreement as necessary.

Determining Child Support

Our firm uses the DissoMaster software program to determine child support and child support modifications. This program has been used by the state judicial system for more than two decades. The program changes every time the software is updated, so the amount of child support someone receives or is required to pay may also change. A change in factors such as parenting time, income or health insurance also affects the DissoMaster child support calculation.

Modifying child support payments can be done informally through negotiations with the other party and his or her attorney. We will enter the factors into the DissoMaster software and let the program determine the new amount. If everyone agrees, we can avoid court, which often saves clients' time and the cost of litigation. When disputes occur, however, we are always ready to represent our clients' interests in court.

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