Child Support

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Child support is intended to provide for the financial needs and care of your children. Get the assistance you need to help determine child support amounts with accuracy.

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Thousand Oaks Attorneys Assisting With Understanding of California Child Support Guidelines

Child support in California is among the highest of all the states. The amount of support received or to be paid is dependent on such factors as the gross income of both parents, any timeshare and other custodial considerations, certain deductions and whether a parent has children from a prior relationship. Consideration is also given to the parent who claims the dependent child for federal exemption on taxes.

The DissoMaster

California uses the DissoMaster software program to determine child support. This program has been used by the state judicial system for over two decades.

Our firm uses this software to help you make this important determination. When you meet with us for a free consultation, we can tell you what information you will need to determine child support using this program. If necessary, we will work with investigators to ensure that all appropriate assets, and only relevant expenses, are considering in making this calculation.

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