Children With Special Needs In Family Law Cases

This firm has represented many clients with cases in family law and court involving special needs children. Representing clients' with children who have special needs involves knowing the various categories of those needs and what will serve their best interest. This includes children who have life-threatening medical conditions, ADHD, autism or autism spectrum disorders (Asperger's Syndrome) and psychological or behavioral disorders.

This firm recognizes the unique challenges that exist in special needs family law litigation as well as in a collaborative family law context.

This firm understands issues relating to physical custody disputes and legal custody involving special needs children that include out of home placement, IEP issues in the school districts, IPP programs for clients of the Los Angeles County Regional Center and Tri County Regional Center in Ventura County. A lot of times you will find that both parents do not agree with the special assessments for the child or are in denial about what programs serve the child's best interest who have special needs.

The court may appoint minor's counsel for the child, who will have expertise with the child's special needs. Minor's counsel can help the court decide what is in the child's best interest and which parent is better able to help the child. This firm has worked with both court appointed minor's counsel and child custody evaluators in family law litigation involving children with special needs.

Child support is another important area for children with special needs. The laws support additional child support to address funds for special educational, medical or other special needs of the children.

This firm has a team of professionals at our disposal as resources for referrals if there are special needs trusts or funds that are earmarked for special needs children after the conclusion of the family law litigation or mediation.

Without an experienced family law attorney that has dealt with special needs cases time and time again, a family law attorney without this experience can severely jeopardize one's family law case.