Restraining Orders

Westlake Village, California, Restraining Order Attorneys

Relocation and Orders for Protection Legal Guidance

The Westlake Village, California, restraining order lawyers at Gumm & Green, LLP, can assist with all restraining orders and relocation matters. As a focused, aggressive family law firm, we provide comprehensive services to help address critical changes to the family unit.

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Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse Protection With the Help of Thousand Oaks Attorneys

When domestic discord turns violent or when a charge of alleged violence or spousal abuse is used in a vindictive action, you need lawyers you can trust to deal with both civil and criminal consequences.

Our firm represents parties wishing to file restraining orders as well as those who have had restraining orders filed against them. Speak with us today about:

  • Restraining orders (orders for protection)
  • Domestic violence restraining orders
  • Civil harassment restraining orders
  • Mutual restraining orders
  • Workplace violence restraining orders
  • Violations of restraining orders

Restraining order violations are both criminal and family law court matters. Attorneys Anita Gumm and Lindsey Green are instrumental in getting the criminal component of a restraining order violation expunged from clients' records.

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Our aggressive, dynamic approach to family law and our 35 years of combined experience as Thousand Oaks domestic violence and spousal abuse protection attorneys have worked well for our clients. Find out what we can do for you. Contact Gumm & Green, LLP, today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your relocation or domestic violence issues. Call 818-707-4233 OR 855-707-4233.