The Dark Side Of Ariel Winter's Boyfriend, Cameron Palatas

by Richard Ayoub -

Ariel Winter's boyfriend, Cameron Palatos, is described as "controlling," according to new documents filed on Tuesday.

The Modern Family star was removed from her mother, Chrystal Workman's, home after the teen made allegations of physical and emotional abuse. Chrystal denies the allegations and claims the 14-year-old star made them up so she leave her mom, live with her older sister, Shannelle Gray, and be free to date Cameron, who is 18.

Chrystal's friend, Mariana Grigorut, backs up Chrystal's side of the story. She says her daughter, Oana, and Ariel were "inseparable up until about five months ago, when Ariel started to hang out with Cameron Palatas."

In the declaration obtained by RumorFix, Mariana claims, "Cameron started to become controlling of Ariel, he did not allow Ariel to have any friends and would destroy her friendships by feeding her lies."

She goes on to assert, "Seeing how he did this with Ariel's friends, I feel like he is now doing this with Ariel's family."


E! is reporting that Ariel and Cameron have broken up, RumorFix is reaching out to his publicist for comment.