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When people should get divorced

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Family Law |

It is common for people in California to wrestle with whether or not they should get divorced. While it is rarely easy, there are some situations in which people should dissolve their marriages.

When people have spouses who have addictions for which they refuse to get help, getting divorced might be necessary. Addiction issues can be overwhelming, and they can build over time. People who are dealing with spouses who are alcoholics or drug addicts may want to go ahead and call it quits if they won’t get treatment and agree to stop using.

People who are married to spouses who are abusive should get divorced. In many cases, abusers will go through cycles and promise that they will get better. Unfortunately, there is a recognized domestic violence cycle, and abusers normally will continue to engage in episodes that may increase in severity. It is important to get out of abusive marriages for safety. Finally, people whose marriages are so unhappy that they are setting poor examples for their children should get divorced. It is better in many cases for children to have divorced parents than to live in a home in which there is constant arguing.

People who feel that they need to get divorced may want to consult with family law attorneys who can help them to deal with all of the applicable issues, including child custody and support, spousal support, relocations and property division. The attorneys may also help their clients to avoid potential tax consequences that might happen with accepting certain types of assets as part of the division of property. They may work to protect their clients’ ability to retire and their other financial interests by negotiating comprehensive settlement agreements.