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When the best option might be divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2017 | Family Law |

If couples can think about divorce as a change in their relationship rather than a failure, they might be able to better navigate the divorce process. For people in California who are considering a divorce, there may be a few circumstances in which it is the best choice. Sometimes, particularly if it is possible to end the relationship amicably, it could be better for the children as well.

For example, if there is abuse in the relationship, then the relationship should probably end. Another issue could be infidelity. This is a problem for about one-quarter of couples. If one person is struggling with this and cannot set the temptation aside, it may be time for the marriage to end.

The couple may have tried counseling without success. If they have also tried multiple counselors, this could mean the marriage cannot be repaired. The couple may have grown apart. It is important for a couple to share the same dreams, and if they do not, their marriage may not be salvageable. Some couples might find happiness with one another impossible. A marriage that lasts but that is mired in anger and resentment is not a successful one either.

If a couple does make the decision to divorce and there are not serious issues such as abuse, they may be able to negotiate an agreement about child custody and property division. This ability to negotiate may be particularly important if there are children since the couple may have years of co-parenting ahead of them. Learning to cooperate during the divorce may make that process less stressful in the time ahead. However, even if parents put together a comprehensive parenting agreement and are effective at coparenting, there are still some issues they may have to return to court over, such as parental relocation or child support modifications.