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Financial planning and divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Family Law |

When couples recite their marriage vows, most truly hope that the nuptials will last forever. Unfortunately, many California residents go through expected divorces. A new study shows that 65 percent of married couples do not have a financial plan in case of a spouse’s death or divorce.

The online study asked 2,019 married, singled, widowed and divorced individuals age 37 and older about their financial earnings and beliefs. Married individuals reported an average personal income of $61,700, which was $13,100 higher than that reported by widows and widowers and $9,800 higher than the average income reported by divorced individuals.

The study also found that married individuals were more likely to invest in savings and save for retirement. Among divorced survey participants, 49% said they were worried about running out of money compared to 38 percent of married people.

When facing a divorce, it is a good idea to consult with a family law attorney and financial adviser. The way that assets, future earnings and retirement accounts are divided during a divorce can make a huge difference in how a divorced individual will fare financially in the future. A good first step is to help the attorney get a clear picture of what marital assets need to be divided up. Furthermore, it’s important to discuss issues such as child custody.

If one spouse financially supported the other during the marriage, alimony may be granted. Alimony could be awarded on a temporary or part-time basis. Judges will typically look at factors such as the supporting spouse’s ability to pay, the financial needs of the other spouse, the length of the marriage and the earning ability of the spouse asking for alimony.