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Tips to help divorced parents better navigate the holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2017 | Family Law |

Some newly divorced and separated parents in California and throughout the nation may find it difficult to navigate the holiday season. Although parenting time with the children may already have been determined by agreement or by the court, some parents may be tempted to use the holiday schedule to “get back” at their exes. Rather than bad-mouthing the other parent or being rigid concerning visitation, parents might better serve their kids by keeping a few simple suggestions in mind.

First, parents may want to realize that the holidays are about the kids and make the children’s needs the top priority throughout the season. Kids may not fully understand the need to bounce between houses, but they may be able to understand that they have two families who love them and want the best for them. Parents might also want to avoid trying to “buy” their children’s forgiveness or love by breaking the bank on expensive technology and the latest toys. There is likely to be more lasting value in spending as much time as possible with the kids.

Spending time with the children provides opportunities for transitioning families to establish new traditions and create new memories. When approached with a positive attitude, transitioning families can enjoy a wonderful holiday season. Parents who are unable to spend the time with the kids might mitigate any loneliness or other negative feelings by arranging to celebrate with extended family and friends or planning a special holiday treat for themselves.

In California, parents who are struggling to reach a satisfactory parenting agreement might turn to an attorney who is practiced in the area of family law for advocacy and assistance. In some situations, the attorney may work closely with the client, helping them make informed decisions that protect the parent’s rights and support the children’s best interests.