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How to create an adequate parenting plan

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2018 | Child Custody |

California residents in troubled marriages may not think positively of their spouse. However, they may think highly of their children and understand how important it is to be there for them. This may help them to work out a parenting plan even if they can’t agree on anything else. Ideally, the process of creating such a plan will be a collaborative one.

If it helps, parents should think of each other as partners who need each other to be successful. Furthermore, it always a good idea for a parent to support the need for the other parent to have a good relationship with a son or daughter. Taking these viewpoints may make it easier to eventually create the framework for a long-term plan for former spouses to raise their children together.

One of the benefits of using a collaborative lawyer is that it may be possible for the attorneys to draw up parenting plan documents. This may reduce the amount of time that the parents have to spend near each other, which may beneficial when they don’t otherwise get along with each other. As a general rule, parents should try to be civil toward each other and be understanding of the fact that emergencies or other issues may arise unexpectedly.

When creating a parenting plan, the best interests of the child should take priority over the what the parents may want. As a general rule, children do better when both parents in their lives assuming that they are fit to do so. An attorney may be helpful in resolving disputes that may arise during the process of creating such an arrangement.