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The difference between a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you are a California small business owner and are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may have heard the terms “Chapter 7” or “Chapter 13,” but you may not fully understand the difference between the two types of bankruptcy filings. Even if you do have a general idea of the difference between the two bankruptcy processes, you may not know whether both types are available to you, and if they are, which one might be a better option.

What are some pitfalls of rushing through a high-asset divorce?

One mistake that is common in Westlake Village area high-asset divorces is rushing. If you are getting ready to file for divorce and there is a large amount of wealth and assets involved, you cannot afford to make hasty decisions without considering the consequences. 

Who pays for private school expenses after divorce?

As a parent, you want your children to succeed in all areas of life. One way you may be helping your kids achieve that goal is by enrolling them in private school, where they can benefit from a quality education in a safer environment with smaller class sizes, more learning opportunities in various subjects and high involvement from teachers and parents.

2 mistakes that can void your prenuptial contract

When it comes to divorce in the Westlake Village area, many people do not consider the actions they can take to make it easier before getting married. As disheartening as discussions of separation may seem during the early stages of a relationship, it is an event that couples should plan for. One way they can prevent the likelihood of a long, drawn out and contentious split is with a prenuptial contract

Pros and cons of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

If you are feeling the pressure of mounting debt, actively looking for solutions sooner rather than later can help you decide on the best options. Filing for bankruptcy can be an effective way to handle financial difficulty.

How can I stop creditors from harassing me?

If you are struggling with debt, behind on bill payments and not sure how you are going to pay your rent in California next month, chances are you are no stranger to creditor harassment. Creditors are known for being pushy and harassing when someone falls behind on payments to them. They may use all known contact information to get ahold of you so they can receive payment. 

How to simplify your divorce

It may seem like your divorce is your long-awaited meal ticket of freedom from your spouse. However, you cannot finalize most divorces in California overnight. There are many issues that can arise that cause your divorce to take much longer to resolve than you anticipate. For example, your spouse may want to fight to keep you from receiving your fair share of his or her assets. Or your ex may want to challenge your right to child custody and parenting time. Anything can happen and turn your divorce into a messy, stressful and drawn out affair. 

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