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How to discuss changes to custody or visitation

There may come a point when a child of divorce wants to live with his or her other parent. This can be difficult to hear even if a California parent has been expecting to hear it. It is important to have a calm and rational discussion about the matter even if it can be hurtful for a mother or father to discuss. However, it is a good idea to set ground rules and expectations as to how to talk about a change of residency.

Documents that are needed in child custody hearings

California parents who will be attending a child custody hearing may have a difficult time gathering all the necessary documents. Knowing which paperwork will be relevant could swing the hearing in one direction or another. It's better to have too much documentation as opposed to too little.

Coparenting is a life-long commitment

Divorce in California is a process that should be worked through one step at a time, especially when there are children involved. No matter the reason for the split, it's important to be honest with the kids and for the exes to maintain a cordial relationship with each other. When the time comes for new love and perhaps remarriage, coparenting will be as vital as ever for the development of the children.

Reasons to co-parent

Parents in California who decide to go their separate ways may be apprehensive about what raising children with an ex will be like and if it will work. However, a successful co-parenting relationship can yield beneficial results for all parties involved.

Talking about child-related expenses after divorce

When California couples get divorced, they will still have to deal with each other occasionally if they have children, especially if their kids are younger or still in school. Even if parents are able to agree on how to share their time with the children, dealing with the financial costs of raising the children can be more difficult. However, there are ways parents can reduce the financial stress.

How to share custody over summer break

Parents in California and elsewhere will ideally create a plan to share custody of their children over the summer months as early as possible. A set plan can reduce stress for both the adults and the children who must live with them. The first step in determining who gets custody of a child and when is consulting the parenting plan. In many cases, this will only be a starting point in terms of what the summer months will look like.

How California parents can successfully co-parent

California parents who have been through divorce and are struggling to co-parent their teenaged children should be aware of several tips to help make things easier for their kids. Divorce is hard on ex-couples, but it also profoundly affects teenagers, who often are already struggling with the daily trials of adolescence, such as hormonal and physical changes that may already lead to mood swings and depression.

When coparenting is difficult or impossible

It may be impossible in some circumstances for parents in California to co-parent after a divorce. These circumstances include abuse, incarceration and abandonment. In other cases, parents may simply be unable to communicate well enough to have an effective co-parenting relationship.

Joint custody after divorce

When parents in California divorce, child custody is often a significant issue. Both parents may be concerned about the well-being of their children, and fathers in particular may be worried about maintaining a meaningful relationship with their offspring. In some cases, a joint custody arrangement may be possible.

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