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Bird nesting

The citizens of California are no strangers to the turmoil that comes with ending a marriage. Unfortunately, for many couples, divorce is a necessary reality that not only hurts them but also has the potential to harm their children. Consequently, couples on the verge of separating strive to come up with solutions in order to make the whole affair easier for everyone involved.

Tips for divorced parents to help children adjust

Parents in California who are going through a divorce may make the process more or less difficult on their children by following certain steps. They should keep a conversation going with their children to make sure they do not feel they are to blame for the split and to support their relationship with the other parent.

Reasons to avoid revenge during the divorce process

Divorce is often accompanied by many painful feelings, and some California estranged spouses might think one way to make themselves feel better is by seeking revenge. However, this rarely works the way they hope it might. Studies have shown that revenge does not produce a sense of satisfaction. Instead, it means people tend to hang onto whatever upset them longer than people who are able to simply let it go.

Marriage myths and divorce

It is highly likely that California couples who are planning to get married hope to have a long and enjoyable union. However, it may benefit them to be aware of some of the common myths on which they should avoid basing their marriage and that may result in it ending in a divorce.

How digital spying may affect divorce cases

Normally, stalking someone, including an ex-spouse, would be considered a crime. However, technology used for the purpose of digital spying has created a gray area when it comes to such activities. While keeping tabs on a former spouse may be intrusive, it's not always considered a crime in California. In some situations, the legality of the techniques used to track movements will depend on where digital spy devices are placed.

Credit woes that may be caused by divorce

California estranged couples may find that getting a divorce may influence their credit score. After a divorce, a person may have less money to pay bills and meet other financial obligations. If a person's salary goes down, it may result in a credit card company reducing his or her credit limit. In some settlements, one person is responsible for more of the debt than the other, which can make it harder to keep up on one income.

Financial planning and divorce

When couples recite their marriage vows, most truly hope that the nuptials will last forever. Unfortunately, many California residents go through expected divorces. A new study shows that 65 percent of married couples do not have a financial plan in case of a spouse's death or divorce.

Tips to help divorced parents better navigate the holiday season

Some newly divorced and separated parents in California and throughout the nation may find it difficult to navigate the holiday season. Although parenting time with the children may already have been determined by agreement or by the court, some parents may be tempted to use the holiday schedule to "get back" at their exes. Rather than bad-mouthing the other parent or being rigid concerning visitation, parents might better serve their kids by keeping a few simple suggestions in mind.

Signs of parental alienation

When some California parents do not get along with the other parent, they may attempt to have the child spurn that parent. Known as parental alienation, this process occurs when a child turns away from one parent or attempts to completely end a relationship with them.

Divorce considerations for retirement

In California and around the country, an increasing number of people who are at or over the age of 50 are choosing to divorce. When people are thinking about getting divorced when they are near to retirement or after they retire, there are some important things that they should consider before they make the decision.

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