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How can I stop creditors from harassing me?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2017 | Blog |

If you are struggling with debt, behind on bill payments and not sure how you are going to pay your rent in California next month, chances are you are no stranger to creditor harassment. Creditors are known for being pushy and harassing when someone falls behind on payments to them. They may use all known contact information to get ahold of you so they can receive payment. 

Although you are contractually obligated to pay them as agreed, sometimes things happen in life that can make it hard for you to uphold your end of the contract. Here is a brief overview on how to stop creditor harassment

Steps to take to end creditor harassment 

If you have not contacted creditors to inform them you are struggling and in need of assistance, you should. Some of them are quite understanding once they know you are not intentionally ignoring them. Others are not easy to work with and may break the law so they can contact and intimidate you into paying them with money you may not have. 

The law has stipulations on how and when creditors can contact you. These guidelines are part of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). They include the following actions: 

  •        Creditors cannot contact your coworkers or employer about debts you owe them.
  •        They cannot use threatening and obscene language when calling for payments.
  •        Creditors cannot call you at home or work after you have asked them to stop.
  •        They cannot call at unreasonable times.
  •        They cannot add fees to original debt amount.
  •        Creditors cannot make demands for you to pay more than what you owe. 

Many creditors knowingly violate the FDCPA in hopes you will pay them to get them to leave you alone. But if you cannot honor those financial commitments, it is best for you to let them know. Inform them in writing to stop contacting you. Sending a notice in writing does not absolve you of the debts, but it does limit how your creditors can contact you. They can only legally do so to notify you if they plan to sue you after they inform you they received the cease request. 

Sometimes, it is necessary for you to take legal action to make a creditor stop harassing you. Many people find it beneficial to hire an attorney to manage their creditors while they work on their financial situations.