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January 2019 Archives

Tips for paying for a child's college education after divorce

The College Board reports that costs for college go up at least 3 percent every year. Despite these rising costs, most couples do not have a financial plan in case one dies or the two get divorced. California parents generally cannot be required to pay for a child's college education after divorce, but it may be an issue parents wish to address in the divorce agreement.

Research suggests divorce more likely when wives are ill

Couples tying the knot in California generally have a mutual desire to stick by one another no matter what life together brings. However, when serious health-related issues affect women, research suggests that their marriages may be more likely to come to an end. Multiple clinical studies have found that women diagnosed with cancer are at a higher risk for divorce than men with cancer. Results from another study show that women with stroke and heart problems are also more likely to see their marriages end than men with similar conditions.

Things to avoid in a high-asset divorce

California couples with a high amount of wealth who decide to divorce have a lot of obstacles when it comes to the legal process. Everything from deciding who gets how much of a business to the custody of children can be up for debate, potentially making things very difficult. In order to avoid as much hassle as possible, it's important for each party to have very focused priorities. No one involved is going to get everything they want, but being willing to compromise on more trivial points can provide leverage on the important topics.

Protecting parental rights in a custody battle

Fathers in California who want to take an active role in their children's lives may sometimes need to file a petition in state court to assert their visitation rights or fight for primary custody. Courts are increasingly recognizing the important role that fathers play in their children's lives.

Joint custody is usually healthier for kids

A pending separation or divorce can cause all sorts of emotional upheaval for a California family. Since decisions may need to be made about child custody matters, both parents should carefully weigh their options. One of the best solutions is for moms and dads to respect each other's relationships with their children and work out a custody agreement that offers the optimal parenting plan for everyone.

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