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Ms. Gumm is a highly experienced family law attorney who is thoroughly adept as to all aspects of the family law process. She will fight hard for you in order to get the results you need. She is very responsive to her clients and promptly returns phone calls and emails. If you ever have a family law issue arise, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Gumm. She is the advocate you want in your corner during what could be a very difficult time in your life.
~ Jessica

Had a nightmare divorce that lasted three years with many court visits. Anita brilliantly defended me against false and unjustified allegations which she proved false in a court trial. Anita is highly educated with the law and an excellent litigator, which saved me from a heavy onslaught of litigation. Always and forever grateful for her services.
~ Brian

In July 2015 Anita Gumm took on my divorce and settlement matter, which had previously been worked on by two other firms, neither of which made much progress on it but had happily overcharged for their services nonetheless. In doing so, she stepped into a contentious fight against a well-known Los Angeles law firm that has served Britney Spears and David Hasselhoff. She handled them, their various attempts to bully her, and my case calmly, cleanly and effectively, always standing her ground but never stooping to their tactics.

No matter how busy her court schedule, she made time for my phone calls and emails. I came to greatly value her advice.

I am now a free woman because of her. She cannot be recommended highly enough.

~ Barbara

Thank you for all your hard work. I’m now in a position to take care of my sister’s needs as a result of it.

Take care,
P.P. and K.W.

Anita is, without a doubt, the best family law attorney. She is incredibly tough, if need be, but her approach is to mediate rather than combat. My biggest regret: I wish I had retained Anita from the beginning of my divorce proceedings. It would have lessened the level of anxiety I had been experiencing daily with my former attorney. She constantly kept me informed. Where one hears of divorces taking years to be finalized, after retaining Anita, mine ended less than 4 months from when I met her. She is a tireless advocate and deserves the moniker of professionalism.

Her staff were incredibly diligent and professional with all my communications. I was so impressed with Anita that I find myself recommending her to complete strangers. In a difficult time, such as a divorce, having Anita represent you is the best choice you can make. I’ll attempt to make further my strong recommendation for Anita’s services. Should you retain Anita, you will be paired with a phenomenal attorney who will steer your case with utmost knowledge of legal jurisprudence, infinite diligence in all aspects of your case, even to seemingly insignificant details, and, lastly, her unwavering good guidance in tumultuous times. Thank you, Anita.

~ Rich G.

Hi Anita

Just wanted to let you know that I deposited two checks totaling $137,093.02 into and IRA account on Christmas Eve for “K.” . . . A really nice present. I’m also holding a check for $1,281.89 for back child support.

On top of the $2.53 check we received from company #1, we also received a check for $113.94 from company #2 so it is apparent that the garnishments you put in place are working. He just hasn’t been working that much.

I just want to thank you and your staff for all your hard work. I don’t know what we would have done without you!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

~ P.P.

The office staff has always shown me professionalism, kindness, and a warm and friendly attitude. They even extend this kindness to my family members. The staff is experienced and educated in completing legal documents and filing court documents in a timely manner, putting me at ease.

Mr. Green is a fabulous attorney. He is charismatic, charming and smart and is very educated in the law. Despite having many other cases, Mr. Green always makes me feel like I am the most important client he has. Scheduling appointments to see my attorney is always a pleasurable and easy experience.

When I am in court with Mr. Green, I have the upmost confidence in him and his ability to get me a favorable outcome. I feel protected and safe with Mr. Green and there is no better feeling than that. I would highly recommend Mr. Lindsey Green to my friends and other family members.


Thank you so much. As usual, you are amazing. You never stop amazing with the level of service you and your entire firm provide.



It has been a long haul . . . We want to thank you for your patience and persistence. This victory is significant in many ways, mainly, we can move on with our lives with my kids, and leave this case behind us.

We appreciate the time, energy and dedication you gave us. Please thank Lindsay and your team for their hard work, especially Jessica and Rick. It meant so much to have their sincere moral support. We truly are grateful for your representation and are happy to have reached an end.

Many thanks,
~ B. & A.

Over the past 4 years Lindsey Green and his office has provided representation and/or consultation in bankruptcy and bankruptcy as related to my ongoing divorce litigation. Lindsey’s expert knowledge in both family and bankruptcy law has tremendously aided in my many complicated situations and at one point saved my bankruptcy from being denied discharge.

His ability to sort out and address my unique concerns and provide professional straight forward advice helped me tremendously in understanding the legal process and navigating the bankruptcy court. Through his assistance with complicated detailed court documents I have been able to successfully appear and address the court. I sincerely appreciate and value all his legal skills and the thoughtful work he has done to assist me during these difficult times.

I cannot thank Lindsey Green and his professional staff enough.


Dear Anita

Thank you for your outstanding legal services in settling my divorce case. You’ve accomplished more in six months than my prior attorney failed to do in 5.5 years.

Your legal expertise is exceptional. I don’t know anyone who would have gone to such exhaustive measures to uncover assets owed me, which I never would have become aware.

Legal expertise is one thing. But it’s nothing without another. You have an innate ability to personally relate to others; to step into someone else’s shoes and understand the enormity of what it’s like going through a divorce.

I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a top notch Family Law or Bankruptcy attorney. Meanwhile, use this letter as a whole hearty two thumbs up from me.

~ K.B.

I am impressed with Mr. Green’s professionalism and attention to detail. His staff is courteous and responsive. I have recommended his services to several friends and colleagues. The office is top-notch. I recommend him highly.
~ R.S.


I wanted you to know, that of all the times we’ve been in court since day one of my divorce up to today, today you really impressed me. From the minute you confronted her attorney about the finances, to speaking in front of the commissioner, you took control. You’re doing a good job not just for me, but for my son. Thank you.

Best Regards,
~ K.

I went through a bitter divorce several years ago and I sought out an attorney who would protect my rights as a very involved and dedicated father as well as assist me in having my two young daughters reside with the more stable parent that was in my daughters’ best interest. I miraculously found Lindsey Green (specializing in Family Law) in Westlake Village which is the same community that I work in.

Lindsey, on our very first consultation, gave me his generous time, listened to my situation and was forthright, straight-forward and honest & told me exactly what information to prepare and obtain for my custody case.

Upon gathering all of the documentation that Lindsey requested, we went to court and he was able to, with our detailed and fully-prepared evidence, assist me in obtaining the major amount of custody of my daughters which I still have today in 2014.

Lindsey Green has always found time to return e-mails and phone calls in a timely basis and I am so very grateful to have had Lindsey representing me in my custody case. Today, I very proudly remain my girls’ (now 14 and 16 years old) primary custodial parent thanks to Lindsey’s dedicated time spent with me on my case over the years.

He cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, but he will work tirelessly and diligently on your behalf. Thank you, Lindsey, for many years of outstanding representation of me and my children. Divorce is never an enjoyable experience, but Lindsey Green made the experience as comfortable and stress-free as can be. Today, my girls are outgoing and thriving high school students and valued members of our community thanks to Lindsey Green’s assistance in my case.
~ E.M.

Dear Anita:

On a scale of one to ten, you’re an eleven! You have no idea how much I appreciate your help in this very trying time.

I enclose a box of Spring!

With blessings,
~ B.B.

I am very impressed with Anita Gumm and her credentials. I endorse this attorney.
~ G.S.

I thought Ms. Gumm was responsive and really cared about my case. I used her several times and would recommend her.
~ K.F.

Ms. Gumm represented me on a family law matter and she was thorough, presented a solid case and was excellent in the court room.
~ Anonymous

Ethical, hard working and looks out for the best interest of the client.
~ Anonymous

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