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January 2018 Archives

2 mistakes that can void your prenuptial contract

When it comes to divorce in the Westlake Village area, many people do not consider the actions they can take to make it easier before getting married. As disheartening as discussions of separation may seem during the early stages of a relationship, it is an event that couples should plan for. One way they can prevent the likelihood of a long, drawn out and contentious split is with a prenuptial contract

Marriage myths and divorce

It is highly likely that California couples who are planning to get married hope to have a long and enjoyable union. However, it may benefit them to be aware of some of the common myths on which they should avoid basing their marriage and that may result in it ending in a divorce.

How to create an adequate parenting plan

California residents in troubled marriages may not think positively of their spouse. However, they may think highly of their children and understand how important it is to be there for them. This may help them to work out a parenting plan even if they can't agree on anything else. Ideally, the process of creating such a plan will be a collaborative one.

Art collections in divorce

It isn't unusual for couples in California to have some conflict over asset division during a divorce. In some cases, dividing personal property can be an area of significant strife, sometimes even more so than splitting up financial accounts. This may be due to one or both spouses having an emotional attachment to a particular item.

How digital spying may affect divorce cases

Normally, stalking someone, including an ex-spouse, would be considered a crime. However, technology used for the purpose of digital spying has created a gray area when it comes to such activities. While keeping tabs on a former spouse may be intrusive, it's not always considered a crime in California. In some situations, the legality of the techniques used to track movements will depend on where digital spy devices are placed.

Pros and cons of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

If you are feeling the pressure of mounting debt, actively looking for solutions sooner rather than later can help you decide on the best options. Filing for bankruptcy can be an effective way to handle financial difficulty.

Credit woes that may be caused by divorce

California estranged couples may find that getting a divorce may influence their credit score. After a divorce, a person may have less money to pay bills and meet other financial obligations. If a person's salary goes down, it may result in a credit card company reducing his or her credit limit. In some settlements, one person is responsible for more of the debt than the other, which can make it harder to keep up on one income.

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