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April 2019 Archives

When coparenting is difficult or impossible

It may be impossible in some circumstances for parents in California to co-parent after a divorce. These circumstances include abuse, incarceration and abandonment. In other cases, parents may simply be unable to communicate well enough to have an effective co-parenting relationship.

What is the leading cause of bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy has such a negative connotation in American society. The stereotype of someone who files tends to be a big spender with no restraint, from shopaholics to gamblers. In other cases, people may assume it is an owner whose business has failed. While these scenarios most certainly exist, they do not apply to most bankruptcies.

What divorcing parents should know about child support

Child support is designed to help parents share the responsibility of financially supporting their children, allowing the kids to maintain a lifestyle to which they are accustomed. California parents who are going through a divorce may be interested in knowing some of the facts about child support.

Tasks to complete after a divorce

Despite being exhausted after going through a divorce, many new ex-spouses in California feel ready to make a fresh start. Part of starting anew involves making certain changes in a timely fashion. Just because the paperwork is signed and a person has the divorce decree in their hands, this does not mean that assets are divided and everything is over.

Joint custody after divorce

When parents in California divorce, child custody is often a significant issue. Both parents may be concerned about the well-being of their children, and fathers in particular may be worried about maintaining a meaningful relationship with their offspring. In some cases, a joint custody arrangement may be possible.

Mortgages and divorce

When deciding what should happen to the family home, many divorcing couples in California will opt for the property to remain with one of the spouses. After this decision is made, there are other factors that both parties will still have to address regarding the home and the mortgage.

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