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Ariel Winter to stay with Sister, Dad to Oversee Estate
by Ken Lee,

The Dark Side Of Ariel Winters Boyfriend, Cameron Palatas
by Richard Ayoub –

Calcaterra vs. Badakhsh, 2005 132 CA 4th 28 (U.S. California Appellate Court 2005)

“This was a case involving a parent’s post-judgment motion for modification of child support upwards. The court found that both parties had been dishonest about their incomes and expenses as stated on their Income and Expense Declarations submitted to the court. The court found that where a spouse owns his own business, the trial court may use his/her income as stated on a loan application that is “high” to rebut the presumption of correctness of a tax return that shows “low” income; where the court finds a “huge discrepancy” between tax returns, loan applications and Income and Expense Declarations they may impute income based upon the loan application”.