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Child support payments and being unemployed

| Jun 6, 2018 | Family Law |

Parents in California who have to pay child support may be concerned if they become unemployed. They should be aware that the obligation to submit child support does not end if they are no longer working and that any unemployment benefits they receive can be affected by their child support payments.

As soon as a non-custodial parent who has to pay child support becomes unemployed, they should determine if they qualify for unemployment benefits. If they are eligible for the assistance, they should advise the unemployment office about their existing child support order so that the child support payments can be deducted from the unemployment wages they receive.

If an unemployed parent who is responsible for paying child support is not eligible for unemployment benefits, they should work with the other parent and the family court while they remain unemployed. They should continue to search for work and keep careful records to verify that they are seeking employment. When they do find new employment, they should submit their child support payments in check form until their new employer begins deducting the payments from their paychecks. They should also be prepared to pay a little more in child support payments to make up for any payments that were missed while they were unemployed.

Another obligation of most non-custodial parents required to pay child support is to provide their children with health insurance. If the parent loses their job, they will also lose their health insurance. However, they may be able to obtain health insurance through COBRA.

A family law attorney may assist parents with resolving disputes regarding child support payments. The attorney may petition the court to modify existing child support orders to address new financial needs. Litigation might be used to obtain favorable settlement terms regarding family law issues.