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Embracing single life after gray divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2020 | Blog, Family Law |

While any divorce is difficult, a divorce that occurs later in life presents unique challenges. Many people going through a gray divorce have been with the same partner for many years. Re-establishing themselves as a single person can feel intimidating.

Gray divorce, or the trend of more people over age 50 divorcing, has been on the rise in recent years. Many older adults are finding themselves newly single. Whether you plan to stay single or are open to dating again, it’s important to adapt to your new lifestyle.

Identify your support system.

It’s likely that you and your ex shared a lot of the same friends, and their family became your family. It can be helpful to establish relationships outside of these groups. You might join a divorce support group, visit a therapist or make friends through new hobbies.

This will get you out of the house and socializing with different people. It may also help you combat any loneliness you feel during the divorce process.

Focus on your health.

Divorce can take a huge toll on your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. You should put time and effort into bettering yourself. As a newly single person, you might have extra time to devote to this area.

You might take time to try new healthy recipes, or dedicate a few hours to working out each week. Many people tend to turn to alcohol or unhealthy foods when going through a hard event like a divorce. Try your best to stay away from this tendency and focus on improving your health.

Try something new.

Inevitably, there are certain things you gave up while married. Perhaps your ex hated crowds, so you never went to fairs or concerts. Or maybe they were a picky eater, so you never expanded your cooking skills. Being single is a great time to try these new things.

Divorce is a painful process – there’s no arguing that. But it also provides an opportunity to reinvent yourself as a single person. By embracing single life, your divorce may be a little easier.