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What are some pitfalls of rushing through a high-asset divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2018 | Blog |

One mistake that is common in Westlake Village area high-asset divorces is rushing. If you are getting ready to file for divorce and there is a large amount of wealth and assets involved, you cannot afford to make hasty decisions without considering the consequences. 

You are probably ready to move on and close the book on this chapter in your life. As painful as the high-asset divorce process might seem, rushing through it and agreeing to anything could cause you to lose what might rightfully be yours in the settlement. Consider the following ways making decisions in haste can affect your divorce. 

Leaving feelings unresolved contributes to conflict 

Divorce is not all business. Though it is important for you to approach the situation with a business mentality, you cannot dismiss the emotional side of it. At one point in your life, you and your former partner had a life together. You had romantic feelings for each other. Now that your relationship is over, you might have unresolved emotional concerns that can lead to arguments and delays in reaching a workable settlement. There is also the possibility of disagreements arising after the divorce is finalized, leading to more legal battles. 

Hasty negotiations can affect financial stability

It is easy to lose sight of the big picture when you are ready for everything to end. However, there are many things you need to consider so you do not end up at a big financial disadvantage, and rushing through the divorce process does not give you enough time to consider the long-term effects of your decisions. For example, it may seem fair in the moment to agree to help your ex with living expenses so the two of you can each have your own place, but that could affect what kind of housing you can afford for yourself. 

Even though it may take longer, it is better to move through the divorce process deliberately and carefully, think through decisions logically and avoid the mistakes and unfavorable settlements that are likely to come with rushing.