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Property Division: High Net-Worth Individuals

Gumm & Green, LLP has extensive experience in Southern California high-asset divorce services. We effectively address the complicated issues related to property division in divorce. To reach our firm and schedule a free consultation with an attorney, call 818-707-4233 OR 855-707-4233. Contact us today .

We Examine And Trace Assets And Debt

Whether you brought significant assets to your marriage or accumulated wealth over the course of your marriage, when it comes to divorce and asset division, matters can become complex. Commingled assets and investments – both in the stock market and in your home or your spouse’s education or career – make it difficult to simply divide things into his and hers. At Gumm & Green, LLP, we have the experience to confidently and effectively help you through the process of complex property division. Speak with our attorneys if your marital and non-marital property includes:

Using Experts When Merited

We employ accountants, tax advisors, appraisers and forensic specialists to help trace non-marital property and value marital assets. Working together, we carefully scrutinize our clients’ assets and debt and work diligently to determine what assets are personal and what assets will be divided in the divorce.

We also have the experience to handle issues related to both property division and debt including bankruptcy issues. We can advise you on the best steps to take if your spouse has decided to file for bankruptcy during the course of your separation or divorce.

Get What’s Yours

With 50 years of combined experience in divorce, alimony and business valuation. Find out what we can do for you. Contact Gumm & Green, LLP today and schedule a free consultation to discuss complex asset division. Call 818-707-4233 OR 855-707-4233.