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Developing parenting schedules

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Child Custody |

California parents who are no longer together will have to create a parenting schedule that can help their child get accustomed to their new reality. Allocating the responsibilities of child custody is an important part of developing an efficient parenting schedule, but it can also be used to show the children that their parents are willing to work with one another to prioritize the well-being of their children.

Parents who have to make a parenting schedule should keep their children’s point of view in mind. Being shuttled between two homes can be difficult as is getting adjusted to not living with both parents. Any decisions about a parenting schedule should only be made after considering how it will impact the children.

Parenting schedules also have to be logistically sound. Situations in which the parents are sharing a significant amount of parenting time can be best served if the parents reside close enough to each other that transportation can be easily managed by everyone involved. Having the children use the bus to go to and from the residences of their parents should be considered if the children are already enrolled in school or will be attending in the near future. If the children have a relationship with a favorite child care provider, arrangements should be made within the parenting schedule to ensure that the relationship can be maintained, limiting the amount of upheaval the children will be experiencing.

A family law attorney may assist clients with resolving child custody disputes. Litigation may be used to protect a client’s rights regarding parental relocation, visitation schedules, joint custody, parenting agreements and other legal issues related to parental rights. The attorney might be able to assist a client with obtaining a modification to an existing child custody order if there are extenuating circumstances.