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Attaining Your Child Custody Goals

When clients come to us for a divorce or separation, one of their most pressing concerns is who will get custody of the children. There are many factors to consider when making a decision as important as children’s living arrangements following divorce.

We have a long history of success in helping clients just like you find resolution to their family law issues. We call upon our over 50 years of combined experience as California legal and physical custody lawyers to create unique plans that work specifically for your family. Contact us to ask a question and take that first step to move forward.

Six Decisive Questions To Determine What Is Best

When we meet with you, we begin by asking, “What do you want?” Once we have determined this, we can look at the options:

  • Do you want legal and physical custody?
  • Are you looking for a timeshare?
  • What percentage of time will your children live with you?
  • What is working in the current situation?
  • What do your children want?
  • What are the priorities of the other party?

A Parenting Plan That Works

Understanding your obstacles and goals lets us know how best to help you create a parenting plan that is accommodating and flexible.

At Gumm & Green, LLP we will address all your child custody issues and visitation matters and concerns. Or call us for a free consultation: 818-707-4233 OR 855-707-4233 to have your most pressing custody questions answered.

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