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Things to avoid in a high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Complex Divorce & Property Division |

California couples with a high amount of wealth who decide to divorce have a lot of obstacles when it comes to the legal process. Everything from deciding who gets how much of a business to the custody of children can be up for debate, potentially making things very difficult. In order to avoid as much hassle as possible, it’s important for each party to have very focused priorities. No one involved is going to get everything they want, but being willing to compromise on more trivial points can provide leverage on the important topics.

The decisions made during a divorce of a wealthy couple will likely have large ripple effects long into the future. Each party should use the resources at their disposal to make sure they do things right. That means hiring professionals who can provide advice about topics related to finance, real estate, child custody, and insurance. Even hiring a therapist to get through the emotional aspects of the divorce may help everyone cope in the short and long term.

Knowing when it’s time to settle and taking the high road are valuable tactics in divorce negotiations. If both parties are contentious and stubborn, proceedings can drag out in court for a long time, causing everyone involved unneeded aggravation and a lot of money. This is especially important in divorces involving children because they are heavily impacted by how their parents behave toward one another.

Divorcing spouses, regardless of the amount of wealth they have, should get support and guidance from their respective attorneys. There are several different avenues available, including mediation and litigation. The option that is right for a client, and any children involved, will depend on the surrounding circumstances.