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Getting What’s Fair In Property Division

Property division is often one of the most complex issues in a divorce. This is particularly true in a California divorce, because we are a community property state.

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The Three Property Types

We can educate you about the types of property that can be considered in your divorce.

  • Community property: Community property is all property, real or personal, that was acquired by a married person during marriage. This can include homes, vacation properties, vehicles, boats, retirement accounts and more.
  • Separate property: Separate property is property that was owned prior to marriage or after the date of separation. Separate property also includes property that was acquired during marriage as a gift, bequest, devise or descent, including an inheritance or personal injury settlement.
  • Transmuted property: Each transmutation requires careful analysis. Transmutation occurs when, during a marriage, the spouses agree to change the status of any or all of their property, thus converting separate property into community property or community property into separate property. It can apply to any item with substantial value.

Understanding Transmutation

An example of transmutation: A husband owned a home in Malibu with $500,000 in equity prior to the marriage. After the couple married, they refinanced the home, putting title in both spouses’ names, and it became community property. The home in Malibu is no longer considered the husband’s separate property, with the exception of the original $500,000 in equity. If the husband was not subjected to undue influence — threats, coercion or duress — when the transaction occurred, the transmutation is considered valid.

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