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Post-divorce care for children

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Child Custody |

Parents in California who get a divorce should make every effort to make the process as easy on their children as they can. It is also important that they take action to protect their children after the divorce is finalized.

Children should not be subjected to one parent’s anger for the other parent. The kids should be able to exist in an environment in which they do not have to listen to their parents disparage each other. There are no benefits to gained from the children having to listen to how their parents were unfaithful, engaged in unwise behaviors or started the divorce process.

Parents should also take care to reassure the children that the divorce was not their fault. They should explain to the children that there is nothing that they could have done or said that would have prevented the divorce, and there is nothing they can do that will repair the divorce.

The children also have the right to not be lied to. Parents should be as honest as possible when speaking to their children but should be careful to not provide excessive information about the divorce or the reasons that it occurred.

Consistency is also important for children after a divorce. They should be told of any changes in scheduling if the changes will have an effect on their lives. They should also be given a say, if possible, in whether those changes occur. Children tend to adjust better in the aftermath of a divorce if they can expect to have a relatively predictable schedule.

A family law attorney may assist parents with resolving child custody disputes. Litigation might be used to obtain the desired settlement terms regarding parental relocation, visitation, changes in a parenting agreement or modifications to existing child custody orders.