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Reasons to co-parent

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Child Custody |

Parents in California who decide to go their separate ways may be apprehensive about what raising children with an ex will be like and if it will work. However, a successful co-parenting relationship can yield beneficial results for all parties involved.

Ex-spouses who are in an effective co-parenting relationship are helping their children feel more secure, which can be very important if they were traumatized at the realization that their parents would no longer be together. The children can feel normal and safe once they realize that they still have two parents who care for them.

Being in a co-parenting relationship also means that exes have to be respectful to one another. While a divorce can be complicated and contentious, the individuals who decide to co-parent can find an area of common ground because of their children. Co-parenting can foster respect between ex-spouses and help them develop a friendly relationship.

Another benefit of co-parenting is that it can be easier than being a single parent. Single parents are tasked with taking care of every aspect of their and their children lives. If they are in a co-parenting relationship, some of the duties associated with raising children, including the financial responsibilities, can be handled by the other parent.

When advising clients about which legal avenues they should pursue to obtain their desired settlement terms, a family law attorney may take into consideration the particulars of a child custody and visitation case. A lawyer may explain the state laws regarding child custody in order for clients to have realistic expectations. Depending on the factors of a case, assistance may be provided in the form of negotiation for certain co-parenting terms. If necessary, an attorney may litigate to resolve disputes regarding changes in child custody orders or visitation times.