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Professional Assistance With Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement or premarital contract can protect you and your intended spouse in the unlikely event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements are a way to prevent later arguments ad misunderstandings.

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Three Benefits Of A Premarital Agreement

A premarital contract is an agreement made prior to marriage. It sets forth assets and defines whether property is separate or marital, and how such assets will be distributed between the spouses in the event of divorce.

  1. A prenuptial agreement not only protects you if you have significant assets or property but provides an excellent foundation on which to build your life together.
  2. By outlining the rights and obligations of each of you during the marriage both parties have a clear understanding going forward.
  3. Many people are reluctant to ask for or agree to a prenuptial agreement because they mistakenly believe this shows a lack of trust. The opposite is actually true. By having clear, open and honest communication up front many arguments and misunderstandings are avoided later. This is also an opportunity to have conversations about things that may affect or influence your partnership down the road.

Establishing a premarital contract is akin to purchasing insurance. It provides protection in case it becomes necessary, with the understanding that everyone hopes it never will.

Validity Of Prenuptial Agreements Under California Law

Prenuptial agreements are generally found valid under California law, provided that certain requirements are met, including the context in which the agreement was introduced to the other intended spouse. Any agreements regarding child custody and support agreements are not enforceable; however, such agreements fall under the purview of California courts.

An experienced lawyer can assist you in developing an equitable and enforceable premarital contract.

Not Sure If A Prenup is Right For You?

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