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What You Need To Know About Domestic Partnerships

Learn more about how an official domestic partnership can be obtained under California law to protect yourself and your domestic partner’s property rights and other interests, both during and in the event of termination of your official relationship.

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Experienced Same Sex Marriage And Divorce Attorneys

California law provides an opportunity for unmarried partners to create a legal domestic partnership. To qualify for such a partnership under California’s Family Code, unmarried partners over age 18 must be of the same sex or over age 62, regardless of whether the partners are of the same sex or opposite sex. The partners must also live together and be legally eligible and able to consent to the relationship.

  • Such a partnership not only reinforces the commitment of two people to each other, but protects their rights acquired as part of or during the relationship. A legal domestic partnership extends substantially similar rights to domestic partners as those that are granted to married couples.

Why Involve An Attorney?

Just like a couple who is married, domestic partners have the right to seek official termination, or dissolution, of their legal relationship. Rights and protections in the event of such dissolution are defined under the Family Code. To best protect yourself, it is important to seek the assistance of experienced family law attorneys who understand how California courts interpret these rights and protections under the Family Code.

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