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When Property Division Includes Business Valuation

It is important for both parties in divorce to understand the true value of a business. This includes not only the income, and projected income, but also the current and future debt.

As a family law firm with over 50 years of combined experience, Gumm & Green, Attorneys at Law, understands the importance and the process of obtaining an accurate assessment.

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Time Is Critical

If you or your spouse is a business owner, the value of that business at the time of the separation is critical. Too often we see cases where the business-owning party, knowing a divorce is imminent, runs down the business to bring its value down and prevent the other party from obtaining as much in the divorce settlement as they would have if the business had been maintained.

Uncovering The Financial History

There are specialist who know how to read financial documents and follow a paper trail. Our firm works with forensic accountants to gather accurate information regarding you or your spouse’s business as well as other significant assets associated with high net-worth individuals.

Forensic Accountants Find The True Value

We work diligently to ensure that property division is conducted accurately and fairly. The forensic accountants we employ:

  • Examine financial history of businesses related to a divorce
  • Assess the value of the business starting five years prior to the divorce
  • These specialists know what to look for, what red flags may come up, and will question a sudden or significant drop in value.

There are few divorce scenarios our team has not encountered and resolved. With 50 years of combined experience we can quickly and effectively assess your divorce situation. Contact Gumm & Green, LLP today. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your business owner divorce or specific business valuation matters connected with your divorce. Call 818-707-4233 OR 855-707-4233.