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10 Top Things To Consider When Contemplating A Divorce

  1. See a therapist to help you during this difficult time who can help you during this transition or if you’re uncertain of your options. Get a recommendation for a therapist familiar with this process.
  2. Interview several attorneys and hire someone you feel comfortable with. Go to court and watch the family law attorneys in action.
  3. Set aside 6 months of funds in case your spouse leaves you with no funds to live on. Sometimes a spouse will transferred all of your funds out of checking and savings accounts without your knowledge.
  4. Be familiar with all of your assets and debts. Copy all financial records such as bank statements, retirement accounts, 3 years of tax returns, credit card statements, etc.
  5. Know what you own. Take pictures of all cars, furniture and furnishings in case they start to disappear.
  6. If there’s domestic violence happening in your family, take pictures of any cuts, bruises, etc. Call the police. Get a copy of the police report.
  7. Keep a diary of events with dates and times. You may be asked to prepare your statement of events. It’s illegal to record a spouse without their permission or knowledge.
  8. Open a mailbox or safety deposit box of your own to keep jewelry, records and important documents in it so that you spouse cannot access it.
  9. Move only one half of your savings into your name at a bank that you spouse cannot access.
  10. Don’t sign any paperwork. Don’t sign real property deeds. Show everything to your attorney to look at it first.”

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