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Assistance With Relocation Or Move Away Matters

At Gumm & Green, LLP, we offer comprehensive services to address the issues that arise when a custodial parent would like to relocate with his or her child.

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Experienced Assistance With Move-Away Cases

California family law courts are never overly enthusiastic when a divorced parent wishes to move out of state and files a petition for relocation. Yet, sometimes life necessitates such changes. Acceptance of a new job, a remarriage, a desire to be closer to family — all are compelling reasons for relocating.

  • It is important to obtain approval from the non-custodial parent and seek a modification of your child custody and child support agreements.
  • Both parents have visitation rights and the right to participate in raising their children, even if one parent retains custody. When the custodial parent moves away, at the very least, it puts a strain on the other parent’s rights.

When a move away is being considered, the court looks at two factors: the detriment to the family and the best interest of children. At Gumm & Green, LLP, we are experienced negotiators representing parties on either side of the relocation issue. Not only will we represent your best interests, we will also represent those of your children.

Interstate And International Relocation

Moving away without notifying the other parent implicates the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, constitutes a violation of the court-ordered child custody arrangement, and could subject the offending parent to the federal charge of child stealing.

If the parent takes his or her child to a foreign country without notice, the laws of that country come into play and implicates the Hague Convention, which allows the child’s home country to retain jurisdiction over the child.

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